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The Independent is one of Britain’s leading quality newspapers (online since 1999) known for it’s even-handed approach and for building opinion and analysis based on intelligent thought, rather than the opinions of the proprietor.

As such, we’ll be covering the US Election with our eyes on how it affects the Washington elite, how it’s playing amongst ordinary Americans and how the rest of the world views it all. So we want your views on whether you feel motivated by this election, and whether you’ll vote – and maybe even which way you’ll vote. Is Obama viewed with such glee as he is in Europe? Would you define McCain as experienced or as part of the old guard? And, if you’re American, do you care what the rest of the world thinks?

We’ll be posting news and comment stories here, as well as, of course covering it on our own site


and blogs

So, stick with us, and join the debate…
(Deleted comment)
May i have permission, being a UK citizen, to post in the us_election2008 community? It says i am required to ask permission from one of the moderators and i thought asking you guys would be the most appropriate way of going about this.

Also, out of interest, if my comments were to be published elsewhere, other than livejournal, how would i stop those comments being attributed to such a media unfriendly username and attribute it to a better one or just 'anonymous' or something?